Pre Weddings - ILL & Uzair @ Dungun

Pre-Wedds shot held at Dungun with ILLs and Uzair...lovely couples and realy enjoys photo-shoting 'em... strong wind by the beach there...making us like shoting in near the tornado..hehe...but we manage to get few shot by the windy beach and some old-skool sytle shop house nearby... and from me...May God blessed for your upcoming marrige...

Feb & Mar 2010 Fren's wedds+engagement

Some of the events happening during this past months of Feb and Mar 2010, such as
1) Qis's Wedds at Serdang
2) Adam's Wedds at Melaka
3) Nisa's  Engagement photo-job
4) Yanee's Engagement photo-job

Enjoy some of the shot's here... thanks for viewing.. =)

Friends Wedds Jan 2010


Hi there, some compilation of my friends wedds picture for you to enjoys. For the bride & bridegroom , wishing all the best in your marriage and long lasting forever. Happy for you guys =)

p/s - when is my turn?? hahaha =P

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